How it works:      

Getting Started:

As a potential client, you should email or call me with some general information:
  1. Your location - city and state.
  2. Your circumstances - are you disposing of a few items,
    moving or downsizing, liquidating an entire estate?
  3. Are there special items or collections involved?
  4. Is there a deadline you must meet?
The Inspection visit:

My visit does Not obligate you to consign with me.
However, it does help you get to know me, and allows me to make suggestions and have an in-depth discussion of your items and of my consignment process.

The details:

An appropriate period of consignment will be discussed (typically 6 months to a year). 

The sales commission will be agreed upon, and is based on the desirability of the consigned items.

All items to be consigned are then listed on a contract

Payment for sold items:

Payments are mailed to consignors, as their items sell, on a monthly basis.

How it works
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